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Each day, most of us wake up in the morning and interact with other humans — in our homes and in our work. We have our own personalities, preferences, and styles. Some of us like to have as much information as possible before making a decision, while others prefer to go with their gut instinct and act fast to make quick progress. Some of us are energized by socializing with people, while others love working on their own without distractions. These are just a few of our individual differences in preferences and styles which influence who we collaborate well with and who we tend to have more difficulty with. And sometimes, these differences can get in the way of achieving results.

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The DISC personality assessment is regularly used by companies around the country to determine how an employee thinks and reacts to.

Each quadrant of the DISC circle has descriptive words attached to it that attempt to capture the typical behavior exhibited by people who have the combination of motor and compass drives that corresponds to that quadrant. To make conversation about the model easier to manage, we often call each quadrant a behavioral type or style. As you work with the DISC model, remember that it is not technically accurate to use the phrase personality type with this model. The DISC model is a behavioral style model.

We recognize that the phrase personality is often used in normal, everyday conversation when talking about the model. In fact, we acknowledge the colloquial use of the word personality with regard to this model in the name and url of this site. In practice, we prefer to use the phrase behavioral style because it more accurately fits the model and its theoretical basis.

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Site Navigation. Compatibility, or the lack of it, is not such a mystery. Both rapport and tension are rather predictable, once you know what to look for. Here’s the basic principle: In social situations, like behavioral styles attract. People with similar interests and habits are drawn to one another as friends and acquaintances.

Dating with DISC: Learn How ‘D’ and ‘I’ Personalities can Maintain a Happy, Loving Relationship. How can a D and an I personality begin playing to their strengths.

Everyone is looking for an edge in the dating game, not only in meeting the right person but also in maintaining a happy, loving and successful relationship over the long haul, too. In our Dating with DISC series, we will be showcasing matches between different DISC personality types , along with the tips you need for success with such contrasting individuals.

So how can a D and an I personality begin playing to their strengths, instead of falling into the same old traps again? It’s all about remembering who the other person is, and making an effort to provide them with what they really need, and not simply what you would prefer on your own. For example, the D personality needs to remember that I’s are talkative and enthusiastic. They should listen to their ideas, and provide verbal compliments and feedback. Conversely, I’s need to remember that D’s focus more on tasks and solving problems.

Therefore, they should strive to make communication more concise and tangible. The D personality should also aim to be friendly and non-confrontational. While they may tend to use strong or direct language and body language, they need to be aware of the fact that I’s are sensitive to this. On the other hand, I’s should remember D’s have a difficult time apologizing during conflict. Instead, being positive and encouraging will keep things smoother, while allowing D’s to plan and talk about goals and dreams.

Remember, you don’t need to fall into the same DISC personality type in order to be a great match for your partner.

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To use DISC in your nonwork life, be sure to answer all assessment This will provide you better information for use with your family, your friends, and in dating.

Understanding how DISC Styles play a role in the workplace and office environments can be extremely powerful and effective. Highly adaptable people are good at getting in sync with others because they use their head in determining what behavior works best with whom. The antidote to most personality conflict is just that obvious.

Give your full attention to the other person and seek to cooperate, not confront. The point is: Everybody is easy to please, if you know how. This series offers you strategies you can put to use right now, so you can begin to see results immediately.

What Are the Four DISC Types?

Its purpose and its original place of manufacture remain disputed. It is now on display at the archaeological museum of Heraklion. The disc was discovered in by the Italian archaeologist Luigi Pernier in the Minoan palace-site of Phaistos, and features tokens, comprising 45 distinct signs, which were apparently made by pressing hieroglyphic “seals” into a disc of soft clay, in a clockwise sequence spiraling toward the center of the disk.

The Phaistos Disc captured the imagination of amateur and professional archaeologists, and many attempts have been made to decipher the code behind the disc’s signs.

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When understanding any of the 4 DISC types, keep the following important points in mind. There is no DISC profile that is better or worse. All DISC styles have strengths and development areas; they just happen to be different. It simply predicts how we tend to do things. We can find all of the four DISC types represented by very successful people.

However, the most successful people know who they are. They modify their style appropriately with different styles of people and in different situations. S-style profiles are steady, calm and easy-going.

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If it sounds like more fun to be a dating coach, you can go far beyond what a ‘​matchmaker’ provides by using the DISC Assessment as a tool to.

I recently got engaged. My future husband and I have been dating for over three years. We have an extremely enjoyable relationship that is built upon a foundation of friendship and mutual respect. Am I sure? Marriage is a complicated institution. We enter into an agreement that two people will be partners, for better or for worse, until their death.

That means that every little annoying habit that he and I have may become magnified over the decades. To a people- and relationship-oriented person like myself, that could set the tone for how much I enjoy my life.

S-Style Profile Type: Steadiness

Over-used DISC based profiling is widely used in sales recruitment. So widely used, in fact, that most applicants for sales positions have taken one of the many DISC-based profiles several times. The reason being that almost everyone can puzzle out how to answer the questionnaire in order to project a specific persona. Beyond offering only a simplistic two-dimensional model of personality, the most significant of these are inter-dependence of the scales and its forced-choice questioning technique.

Apr 29, – Behaviors – Shows enthusiasm – Is optimistic – Likes to collaborate – Dislikes being ignored Learn more.

In order to appreciate this comparison, some familiarity with the DISC mental model is useful but not necessary. First, I want to show how these two popular models intersect, what can be learned from where they correlate, and where they diverge. And, when one or the other is more appropriate. DISC does have the easy-to-understand and memorable framework diagram above that is very informative.

Check it out here. If you have the patience and the interest, below are the details of this analysis that led to these conclusions, along with some insightful quotes from Molly Owens of Truity. I show this simple, initial correlation in the diagram above. When I shared my observations with Molly Owens at Truity, she provided these supporting insights,. Before we continue, there are two important concepts to understand.

These three variations for each core style e. DISC has this notation ability built-in via the Dot and 2-letter styles e.

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