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After six years of uplifting songs, tear-jerking moments, and unforgettable characters, the groundbreaking Fox musical aired their special two-hour series finale on Friday. After taking viewers on a ride back to the untold storylines of Glee ‘s pilot, the dramedy also fast-forwarded five years into the future to show us where some of our favorite WMHS alumni ended up. Schue Matthew Morrison , and more of Glee ‘s most memorable characters in the series finale, read on…. James and was more than eight months pregnant as the surrogate mother for Kurt and Blaine. Just like her mother was! To make matters even more heartwarming, Rachel was nominated for — and won! In her speech she thanked her two dads, her fellow glee clubbers, Carmen Tibideaux, Jesse, and she dedicated the award to Mr.

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I stopped after Season 4 because I was getting so mad at the show. At the moment, MyTV is rerunning Episodes 5. Their relationship has been punctuated with several meaningful moments — their first school dance together 2. David Karofsky. It has been increasingly harder to care about Glee the past few seasons, but this is really it for me.

Jane Hayward alongside Michele’s character, Rachel Berry, tweeted. glee club director and Spanish teacher Will Schuester during the show’s 6-year run. she told (via E! News) about the dating rumors.

Disclaimer: The characters, plotlines, quotes, etc. This transcript is not authorized or endorsed by Ryan Murphy or Fox. The glee club members are being directed by WILL as they practice choreography. Step, turn, out, in, ball-change, step ball-change step. You, you, you, you. And ba-ba-ba. Give me some energy. WILL: Maybe so. We have got to be on our game. Funny Youtube. Did I get it? WILL: Thanks.

Lea Michele admits she dated ‘Glee’ co-star Matthew Morrison

RIP, Finn Hudson. The details of the year-old actor’s fatal overdose of heroin and alcohol have been reported extensively, but Finn’s cause of death wasn’t revealed to viewers. While the glee club gathered at McKinley High to memorialize their popular alum, one person was noticeably absent: Rachel Berry. Lea Michele, Monteith’s real-life girlfriend, didn’t appear for the episode’s first 45 minutes.

Finn tells Mr Schue that Rachel is a) totally PMSing and 2) dating the enemy. Santana and Brittany are in Sue’s office doing punishment sit-ups.

Will Schuester : Two things. First, our competition at sectionals are your classic stool choirs. Great voices, but they don’t move. Now, if we’re gonna beat them, we need to do what they can’t: dance. Which is why I’ve decided to feature Brittany and Mike Chang’s sweet moves in our performance. Rachel Berry : Wait, they’re gonna dance in front of me while I sing my solo? Will Schuester : You’re not getting a solo for this competition, Rachel.

Mercedes Jones : Finally. So what song do I get to sing?

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Waaaaaaaay too much woman for you, Mr. Way too much. Oh, the greatness that is Idina Menzel. Our free space is to drink every time Finn is cocky or full of himself. The Gleeks are on a high after their win at Sectionals. Surely the whole school has heard about their utter triumph in being the least irritating performance of the competition, and the students will all fall at the Gleeks feet and worship their talents, right?

Though Mr. Schuester was a great character, he wasn’t necessarily perfect. viewers at the time in the same way that characters like Rachel, Finn, and Kurt relationship of his life, and he was finally dating Emma Pillsbury.

This version of Internet Explorer is no longer supported. Please try a current version of IE or Firefox. EasyEdit Report page Share this. Ages: They’re both She has admitted she’s “high maintenance”. Rachel also has a hard time making friends because of her ambition to be a star.

Glee fans delighted to see Lea Michele and her character both became ‘pregnant’ in the year 2020

Subscriber Account active since. From its start in May to its conclusion in , the award-winning show featured tons of musical numbers and teenage drama, in addition to the rivalry between Mr. He was a former student at McKinley and a member of the glee club in the ’90s. At the start of the show, Will was married to Terri. He later married Emma Pillsbury, the school’s guidance counselor, and they welcomed a son during season five.

Rachel Berry and Mr. Schuester? Turns out the two — Lea Michele and Matthew Morrison, that is — had a thing back in the day before their hit.

I’m sure you know better than to think that Lea Michele are her former Glee costar Jonathan Groff are dating, right? Of course you do — but what about the rest of your favorite Glee stars? The series is regularly tackling issues within the relationships of Kurt and Blaine, Sam and Mercedes, and Brittany and Santana. But with the exception of a few of the show’s stars, we don’t really know very much about who they’re dating IRL.

Spoiler alert: Chris Colfer and Darren Criss don’t actually date in real life. Though, no one would blame you for thinking that — considering the pair on onscreen soulmates that have weathered many-a-storm together. However, you might be surprised to know that many of Glee ‘s stars actually fly solo — yes, even Chord Overstreet with his adorable, acoustic YouTube channel. So, do you know your Glee star romantic trivia? As we look ahead to the Season 5 finale that’s sure to see the dissolution of some of our favorite couples, let’s take a look at which former-McKinley High School students are in real life relationships.

And which stars are still searching for the right person to merge their names with — I mean, Brittana didn’t happen overnight, people. I know, she’s not technically a series regular anymore — but after almost five seasons of enduring Tina Cohen-Chang, how could we forget about Jenna Ushkowitz? Especially since she’s dating Vampire Diaries heartthrob Michael Trevino since they were first spotted together in

Nope. Don’t Even Go There.

She is often picked on by the cheerleaders and she is interested in anything involving musicals. He had a cheerleader girlfriend and was on the football team. The glee club coach heard him sing and wanted him for glee club so Finn needed to decide if popularity was more important then him being happy. He was in the glee club when he was in high school but now only a handful of social outcasts signed up so he needed to ask Finn to join and maybe people would follow his lead, because he was the quarterback of the football team.

With him as coach they made it all the way to Nationals and were determined to not let the Cheerios coach get in their way.

We are led, consistently, to believe that Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) and Finn Will Morrison plays Will Schuester, who is ostensibly a Spanish teacher. he believes she got pregnant from when they sat in a hot tub together.

It’s been a tough road for some of the series’ former stars, while others have gone on to great success. But her personal life is what kept her in the news, first with a whirlwind romance, engagement and breakup with Big Sean, followed by a surprise wedding to Ryan Dorsey. The two welcomed a son, Josey, in , and announced plans to divorce not long after — only to reconcile several months after that. On Thanksgiving weekend , however, Rivera was arrested in West Virginia, charged with misdemeanor domestic battery after she allegedly hit Dorsey while on a walk with their son.

On July 8, , Rivera went missing in California’s Lake Piru ; rescue workers began searching for her after the pontoon boat she rented was found near the shore and her son Josey, 4, was alone and asleep on the vessel. On July 13, authorities confirmed they found her body floating in the water and called the incident a “tragic drowning accident” with no signs of suicide or foul play.

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Schuester wanted to highlight Mike and Brittany’s dancing and Sam and Quinn’s voices that she wore duct tape on her mouth to practice. She claimed it was in ‘silent protest’ and whined about how her talents were ‘wasted in the club’ and her ‘star shined too bright. Finn had every right to dump her ass. Like, you really think you can turn a gay man straight or bisexual because of a drunken kiss?

Similarly, her Glee character Rachel Berry was shown to be pregnant in ‘​You will forever by my inspiration’: Miley Cyrus pens emotional tribute The Brunette Bombshell author started dating Zandy, 37, in July

Though Mr. Schuester was truly a great character, he wasn’t necessarily perfect. Throughout the course of the series, there were quite a few issues surrounding Mr. Schue — and they don’t just include character flaws he overcame throughout the show’s narrative. Schue was occasionally written inconsistently, whereas other moments featured Mr. Schue overstepping his abilities as a teacher into some rather dangerous and illegal grounds.

Schuester From Glee. Schuester was no exception. Some of Mr. While it was already pushing it for Will to allow his students to sing inappropriate songs in class, performing these songs himself pushed his incompetence to a whole new level.

Lea Michele Admits Dating Matthew Morrison

By Kellie Chudzinski For Dailymail. Lea Michele and her husband Zandy Reich are reportedly expecting their first child. But Glee fans can’t help but notice the striking similarities between Lea and her famous character, Rachel Berry. At the end of Glee’s sixth season, viewers were shown the characters in the year , which ended with Rachel pregnant. Parallel: Fans of Glee are loving news that Lea Michele is expecting her first child with husband Zandy Reich in , similar to her hit character Rachel Berry.

Having Blaine date Karofsky not only diminished Blaine as a character, but it seems like Kurt and Blaine have been referred to the “Ross and Rachel” of Glee. Back in Glee club, Blaine tells Mr. Schue that they have some alternative songs.

In her new book Brunette Ambition , Lea Michele talks growing up, fame, and her difficult past year. Gleeks will remember that before Michele and Monteith became an off-screen item, the going rumor was that Michele and Morrison were a secret couple — which the two always denied in the early years of the show.

To save you from looking it up, their pairing is not as scandalous as their characters may lead you to believe: Morrison is only eight years older than Michele. Here are two songs from way back in season 1, when Rachel had a crush on Will for a hot second. In related news, who wants to join my Kickstarter to raise funds for a Glee tell-all, written by the entire cast? Lea Michele admits she dated ‘Glee’ co-star Matthew Morrison.

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High school teacher Will agrees to take over his school’s glee club, whose misfit members are eager to reverse the group’s reputation as losers. Glee Club performs in front of the school for the first time and surprises everyone in the audience. Meanwhile, Rachel realizes her feelings for Finn. Will forms the Acafellas, an all-male a cappella vocal group, spending more time building his own confidence and more time away from Glee Club.

When Will Schuester holds auditions, Rachel performs the piece On My Own from Les While helping Finn practice his singing, Rachel puts together a very.

The musical comedy-drama tackled issues of racism, sexism, homophobia, ableism, and more on a regular basis. Admittedly, it wasn’t always done in the most tactful way , but there’s something to be said for a teen-focused show even attempting to tackle these topics. Tragically, the show lost one of its stars, Corey Monteith , in while the show was still airing. It’s time to see just what the former “Gleeks” have done since the show ended.

Here’s what the cast of Glee is doing now. Will Schuester, played by Matthew Morrison. So what’s Morrison been up to? But he’d eventually return to a teaching role again. I’m not a judge, I’m a mentor! You can expect Morrison to keep on dancing for the foreseeable future, as he shared, “I’ve lived dance for the past 25 years and it will be a staple in my life until the day I die. But Michele stayed plenty busy, as she recorded two albums in and

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